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How do you navigate change?
It's a question we think about often and one that today's world expects us to be comfortable with. Join me each week as I chat with educational leaders and researchers about how they navigate change with design thinking. 

Do you want to be inspired by the stories and strategies of individuals who navigate change? 

From students, to leaders, to researchers, each week I'm sharing stories and strategies about how to develop the mindset and skill set to thrive in today's world.

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I’m Sabba. and I stand firmly by the statement that no student should graduate feeling confused and unprepared for the world, and yet, so many do.

Like so many others, I walked into the professional world thinking to myself, “I don’t remember reading about this in my textbooks.” It personally took me years to find my place in the professional world while learning how to navigate a rapidly changing society and I know I’m not alone. It’s time to start setting our students up for real success after graduation.

I appreciate the variety of voices and feel energized about the future after hearing these conversations.

podcast review

So many podcasts drone on and Sabba is refreshing in how she breaks up the conversation and let's the guest go deep.

podcast review

This podcast is relevant, beneficial, and the hosts and guests do a great job of contextualizing how to use design sprints.

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