Hi there! I believe that cultures of innovation begin with a culture of empathy.

My nephew is my inspiration for designing schools that spark wonder, curiosity and creativity.

That isn't always the case. School is a HUGE barrier in learning your interests, skills and strengths, and no one should graduate or walk into the world of work being unprepared.

Everyone should have the mindset and skills to take advantage of the opportunities today's world offers.

how it started

Hi, I’m Dr. Sabba Quidwai, and I stand firmly by the statement that no student should graduate feeling confused and unprepared for the world, and yet, so many do. Like so many others, I walked into the professional world thinking to myself, “I don’t remember reading about this in my textbooks.”
It personally took me years to find my place in the professional world while learning how to navigate a rapidly changing society and I know I’m not alone. It’s time to start setting our students up for real success after graduation.

I began my journey as a high school science teacher then shifted into a private school Educational Technology Director. I then became Director of Innovative Learning at the University of Southern California, after which I was hired at Apple Inc. as an Education Leadership Executive. At Apple, I worked with schools to integrate technology to advance strategic initiatives. 

As David Brooks would say:
This was my first mountain

My mission is simple:
To design the future, today. One where everyone has the mindset and skills they need to thrive in workplaces and as global citizens. 

I help schools design the future, today.

I support leaders and educators in how we design schools for today's learners. I work with leaders to integrate design thinking practices that encourage creativity, recognize accomplishments, build trust and inspire a collective vision.

While many places focus on tech tools and the latest in education technology, I use an approach that is human-centered. Using the design thinking framework and design sprints I help organizations address complex challenges and explore new opportunities. 

Design thinking and design sprints provide people with the frameworks to scaffold complex challenges and opportunities. It provides us as humans with the tools to design uncomfortable situations into safe spaces.

Using design thinking can be a catalyst to change lives because we will move from always adding one more thing to the learning experience to designing comprehensive experiences that are relevant, engaging, and collaborative. 

It’s not about a one-and-done workshop, or about learning the latest technologies. It’s about changing the foundation and culture of your organization where everyone feels empowered to make a difference.
I'll facilitate difficult conversations to provide you with the frameworks to design your own solutions again and again. This is why design thinking is so powerful — I'll give you the skills and mindset to be alive through any challenge, even when I'm not around to consult. 

This isn’t just about preparing students for the workforce.
It’s a human challenge to create more equitable environments where everyone has access and exposure to the opportunities today’s world offers.


Sabba believes cultures of innovation begin with a culture of empathy. Her journey took her from being a high school teacher to education executive at Apple. Dr. Quidwai now works with organizations to design schools that give young people the mindset and skills to thrive in workplaces and as global citizens.

Sabba hosts the podcast, "Designing Schools," and is releasing a documentary based on her research about design thinking in Summer 2022.




The book I'll always recommend - Linchpin. It forever changed my view on the world. 


I left high school in 11th grade and went to community college.
Best. Decision. Ever.

I left high school in 11th grade and went to community college. Best. Decision. Ever.


I turned my dissertation into a podcast and documentary. Returning to school was the best empathy experiment.


Travel reminds me how big the world and how small the fears in our head our. #Dream 

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As Simon Sinek Says:
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