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From the classroom to the corporate world, AI is shaking up every profession. 

Learn how to skillfully navigate the AI landscape and turn your curiosity into confidence

even if you're short on time

Meet Generative AI 

Your smart friend on demand 

Leverage the power of AI to ease your workload, turning months of work into minutes. Tap into the technology to solve challenges, bring your visionary ideas to life, and step into your role as a transformative leader in your field. 

AI will not replace you,
but a person using AI will.

85 Million

Jobs Lost to AI

97 Million

Jobs Created By AI

The World Economic Forum Predicts: 

Secure your future in a technology-driven world

How does it feel to have all the essential AI info you need to know in one place? 

As an education professional and a technology director, I found immense value in the AI Bootcamp. Prior to the course, I found myself inundated with vast amounts of information collected throughout the school year, which I was struggling to consolidate and format into a tangible presentation for my faculty. After completing the course, I was equipped to draft a comprehensive action plan for our returning faculty in the fall. The bootcamp not only fosters an understanding of AI but also empowers educators and other professionals to create unique, AI-driven experiences. Amidst the vast amount of AI information available, this course stands out by helping users navigate through a practical, hands-on journey into AI.

Angela Mackenzie
Director of Education Technology and Library
St. Margaret's Episcopal School






I'm not tech-savvy, so AI is beyond me.



I don't have time to learn about AI



I'm too old to learn new technology.



AI won't impact my job, so I don't need to learn.



Learning AI is too expensive


Which of These Myths Are You Telling Yourself?

Isn't it time to turn the tables, and reset the score? 

YOU - 5


The AI Bootcamp Course Overview

tell me how this works

A clear, step-by-step plan, packed with practical strategies to master AI.
We're transforming 'tech stress' into career success.

✔ The AI Bootcamp Course

✔ Support in Members-Only Group

✔ Lifetime Updates to Course

✔ monthly live sessions to ask questions, get ideas, and connect with others

✔ BONUS: AI Leadership Presentation Deck 

✔ BONUS: Assessment in the Age of AI 

✔ Tutorials of Top AI Tools for Text, Images, Search, and Video

What's included

Start your AI journey


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You could use AI tools to create

Regardless of your background or skill level, The AI Bootcamp empowers you to use AI with confidence as you turn obstacles into opportunities. Imagine accomplishing hours of work within minutes, freeing up your time to pursue your dreams, all with your personal AI assistant. This isn't just a course; it's your launch pad to a future full of possibilities!

Proposals, Lesson Plans, Emails, Landing Pages, Online Courses, Newsletters, Resumes, Reports, Images, Assessment, Presentations and so much more

Using this framework you will amplify your curiosity, empathy, and foresight, unlocking your unique human advantage in an AI-world.


Here's the detailed plan aka your play-by-play to win.

Your personal roadmap to AI mastery

Shhhh.  i hear those stories saying you aren't tech-savvy and that you don't have time. ignore them and keep reading.

at the end you will:

Onboard and feel comfortable with the Thinkific platform. View the course on desktop and mobile. 

Start your AI learning journey with ChatGPT. Learn the 'what', 'why', and 'how' of AI, leaving you saying WOW I can't believe it just did that.

Unlock your unique potential. Identify the strengths that form your human advantage and how to use AI to accelerate your career.

AI, simplified. Grasp the fundamentals of AI in a friendly, jargon-free way and explore its endless possibilities.

Create accounts for popular AI tools and feel confident navigating them.

Map your goals with our DREAM framework to design a path forward for your career and/or organization

at the end you will:

Take control of your time. Learn to audit your day, identify tasks AI can handle, and free up time for what matters most.

Bridging the gap from ideas to execution. Learn to refine your concepts and transform them into actionable AI projects with empathy and strategy at the core.

Welcome your new personal assistant. Dive into Prompt Engineering and master the art of AI communication.

FOCUS cuts through the noise: By pinpointing the real problem to solve, we ensure technology becomes a tool, not an extra hurdle, in your path to innovation.

at the end you will:

Master SPARK, an advanced form of prompt engineering, that uses your unique human insights.

Let's bring your AI project to life. Get organized and go through our checklist for successful implementation. It's time to take off!

Adapt, learn, and grow with AI. Embrace a mindset of continuous improvement and stay ahead in the AI-driven world.

Ignite the transformative power of AI to drive innovation and achieve outstanding results and solutions.

With SPARK you'll learn how to turn aspirations into action, and problems into practical, powerful strategies.





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Get future-ready with the AI bootcamp

Imagine what it feels like to:


Spread awareness about the potential of AI in your workplace, becoming a champion for change and innovation.

Use AI as a tool to enhance your creative thinking, helping you brainstorm and develop new ideas using a method called design thinking.


Navigate the tech landscape and integrate AI into your professional life seamlessly.


Harness the power of AI to automate routine tasks, save time, and focus on what matters most in your work.


Future-proof your career by acquiring in-demand AI skills, making you a valuable asset in any work environment.


Work shouldn't be a constant uphill struggle. You shouldn't be spending every waking moment caught in a cycle of endless tasks. When I ask people about their dreams and aspirations in their roles, one word resonates unanimously:


But how do we get there? Often, it's the overwhelming workload and the feeling of being perpetually 'busy' that holds us back. It's time to break the cycle and discover a way to work smarter, not harder. AI is not just any friend—it's the smartest friend you could ask for.

Ready to chat with your smart friend?

Let's start this adventure together and free up the time to be the inspiration you've always aspired to be.

worried about time?

 With AI, your new smart friend you'll turn months of work into minutes.






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Invest in your New Professional Reality

What Do Our Students Say

these stories could be yours

Our strengthened collaboration led to impressive growth and a significant increase in revenue. 

As a leader at VIZIO, I had been fortunate enough to build a successful team and witness the company's rapid growth. However, with success came challenges. I was used to putting in long hours and working on weekends, but this started to take a toll on my team members, leading to burnout and high turnover.

Desperate to find a solution that would improve our work environment and help me grow as a leader, I was introduced to design thinking by Sabba. Her innovative approach, centered around design thinking, promised to provide me with the tools I needed to create a more collaborative and supportive workplace.

The transformation was nothing short of astounding. Sabba provided us with detailed exercises designed to build trust, foster teamwork, and promote a strong company culture. Implementing these exercises within my team led to an environment where people felt safe, supported, and energized to work together.

The impact of Sabba’s approach on our team dynamics was not only visible but also quantifiable. Our strengthened collaboration led to impressive growth and a significant increase in revenue. I am truly grateful for the expertise and guidance that Sabba provided, and I cannot recommend her services highly enough.

If you are seeking to create a technology-driven, collaborative work environment that drives success, look no further than Sabba. Her game-changing approach has made a lasting impact on our team at VIZIO, and I am confident that she can do the same for your business.

Nyma Quidwai
Vice President Client Services, Vizio

This isn't just a course; it's a toolkit for innovation, packed with resources, practical support, and powerful frameworks. 

Thanks to this course, a long-standing idea of mine has started to take root, and I'm ready to share my newfound AI knowledge with my communities. Diving into the AI Bootcamp was like unlocking a treasure chest of potential. With their strategies and guidance, I found myself immersed in a dynamic learning experience, far from the usual boxed-in approach. The core of this bootcamp is empathy and Design Thinking – skills vital for any learning community.

What sets this course apart is the depth of collaboration. There's a real sense of partnership, both with industry experts and the vibrant learning community that accompanies the journey. Sabba has been an exceptional guide, turning AI from an abstract concept into a tangible tool to navigate change.

Most importantly, this bootcamp has turned ChatGPT from daunting tech jargon into easy-to-grasp language that I can now confidently use. The SPARK method has been a game-changer, injecting confidence in my approach to AI. This isn't just a course; it's a toolkit for innovation, packed with resources, practical support, and powerful frameworks. And the best part? It's tailored to your pace, letting you bring your ideas to life on your terms.

If you're seeking to ignite your ideas and streamline your work with AI, I can't recommend this bootcamp enough. It's an investment in yourself that will save you time and exceed your expectations, just like it did for me.

Janelle Field
Education Consultant Southwest Central Service Cooperative

This course is much more than AI. It's how to change your approach to the future of work.

In the sea of learning options on Al, I highly recommend this offering from Dr. Sabba Quidwai. I just finished this course, and wow what a journey!

In it she covers:
– The human impacts of various evolutions in technology
– What energizes you and how do you spend your time?
– The Turing Trap and ethical considerations of technology
– Design thinking and problem framing
– Cultures of empathy and innovation
– Strengths, values, and radical alignment

Notice what words I didn't use?
Prompting, algorithms, machine learning, neural networks, and other Al-related terminology. Does this course cover those things? Of course!
But this is much, much more than “just” a primer on what Al is and what it can be used for. This is about mindsets and approaches to our work as educators. Al on its own is just a tool.

What we need to do is rethink our approach and posture to teaching and learning. Then, and only then, can we introduce Al as an effective tool to develop deep learning for ourselves and young people.

Dagan Bernstein
K-8 Capstone Director Hawaii Prep Academy

Hi! I'm Sabba

Could you picture me, someone so passionate about AI today, initially being a tech skeptic? 

Yep, it's true! However, when I started to grasp how technology could work for me - solving my problems, creating new streams of income, and offering job security in uncertain times - my perspective completely changed. And I want to share these strategies with the world.  

Because I definitely didn't learn them in school. Or in a PD session.

I believe that cultures of innovation begin with a culture of empathy.

Guess what? I was once a tech avoider too. Now, I’m collaborating with global powerhouses like the University of Southern California and Apple Inc. And the secret to this transformation? Embracing technology as a solution, not a burden.

I'm Dr. Sabba Quidwai, a passionate educator and problem-solver. My career journey began amidst the 2007 recession, a time of intense change in the professional world. That experience fueled my commitment to preparing students and professionals for a future that’s vibrant and secure.

From my early days as a high school science teacher to my roles as an Education Leadership Executive at Apple and Director of Innovative Learning at USC, I've made it my mission to help others discover the power of technology to solve problems and open doors to new opportunities.

Inspired by my nephew and the schools of tomorrow, I believe in sparking curiosity and creativity. My goal? To ensure that no one feels unprepared or overwhelmed by the evolving world of work. Together, let's transform technology from a challenge into a trusted ally in our professional journey!"

Stefan Bauschard, co-author of the groundbreaking book "ChatGPT: A Book by Educators," is a highly respected expert in using technology and iterative project design to scale solutions that meet diverse needs. Over the past decade, Stefan has collaborated with partners to develop both offline and online debate programs in China, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, the Dominican Republic, and some of the most socioeconomically disadvantaged areas of New York City.

Stefan's extensive research and networking skills enabled him to co-edit a comprehensive 962-page volume on the major trends and applications of generative AI in education. This work connects 32 authors from around the world to discuss AI's impact on first-grade classrooms, virtual reality, and university integrations.

By closely following the AI debate and consistently reading over 200 articles a week on the latest developments, Stefan ensures that he maintains a comprehensive understanding of all perspectives in the rapidly evolving world of AI. Trust Stefan Bauschard as your go-to expert for leveraging AI and innovative project design to transform education.

Meet Stefan Bauschard

The AI Bootcamp will:

Help you master AI tools and strategies for implementation in your organization. 

Generative AI is changing education and business, and there's no better time than now to maximize its potential.

Prepare to lead your organization with a strategic plan, and deep understanding of what AI in means for your industry.

I want to join and learn 

this is how you stand out in an ai-powered world 

You turn ideas  into impact
and obstacles into opportunities

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is this course for? 

A: This course is designed for anyone from the corporate world to the classroom. Whether you are an executive, leader, coach, entrepreneur, instructional designer, or an educator, you can leverage AI and creative problem-solving to be in control of change and elevate your careers.. 

Q: How much time should I dedicate to this?

A: We recommend setting aside 2 hours per week to actively participate in the course, complete assignments, and engage with fellow learners. Remember, the more you put in, the more you'll gain from this transformative learning experience.

Q: Will there be any support available throughout the course?

A: Absolutely! You'll have access to a dedicated support team, as well as opportunities to collaborate with and learn from your fellow participants. We're here to ensure your success and growth throughout this journey. 

Q: Do I need any prior knowledge of AI or design sprints? 

A: No prior knowledge of AI or creative problem solving is required! This course is designed to guide you through the essentials, regardless of your background, and provide hands-on experience in applying these cutting-edge techniques.

Q: Do you offer discounts for group purchases?

A: Yes email us to inquire about a purchase order or discount rate for groups of 5 or more individuals. Teamwork makes the dream work. 

Have a Question?

A: We use Thinkific for all our courses. You can use the sign up button to pre-order the course now to get all the discounts and bonuses, and when it opens we'll email you. Secure your spot and get ready to embark on an exciting journey to lead the future with AI!

Q: How long do I have access to the course for?

A: You'll have LIFETIME access to the course. We know how quickly things are changing in this space, and we want to make sure you are up-to-date. You can be part of the community and ask questions, anytime.

Click here to email. 

Q: How do I sign up for the course?:





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All of my best and life changing relationships began online. Whether it's a simple tweet, a DM or an email. It always begins and ends with the relationships we create. 

I can't wait to get to know you and discuss how might we design schools. 

As Simon Sinek Says:
"Alone is hard. Together is better."