Technology alone won't accelerate innovation.

We have to invest in learning experiences for people.

These are the top 15 trending skills identified by the World Economic Forum. Using evidence-based practices from design thinking I work with organizations to move from ideas to impact.

Give leaders, educators, and students the confidence to navigate change


Below are the top two most requested topics.
They can be delivered as interactive keynotes, or as workshop sessions.

Designing Schools: From Trust to Transformation with Design Thinking

Cultures of innovation begin with a culture of empathy. 
When we start with people, not products, we listen and learn to each other's challenges, motivations, fears, and curiosities. We discover the gaps that become the opportunities to design change.
Being vulnerable in sharing builds trust. 
Trust makes us feel safe.
Feeling safe empowers us to take risks and be creative.
Being creative reveals the answers to the change you want to see. 
Sabba shares findings from her research about how design thinking practices that can be used to create and nurture a culture of trust and psychological safety in schools to develop the mindset and skills to navigate change. 

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Leadership and Social Influence: Build Trust, Encourage Creativity and Recognize Accomplishments

The World Economic Forum now ranks “Leadership and Social Influence” as one of the top ten trending skills. Social media isn't about being on every platform. It's about understanding how to encourage creativity, recognize accomplishments, and build trust to inspire a collective vision within your organization. 

Sabba shares how leveraging stories across social media platforms can empower leaders as role models for the beliefs and values they want to see others adopt. 

Sabba also shares how social media transformed her learning experience in graduate school, and as a researcher. And why now is the time to teach this skill to students as well so that they can differentiate between personal and professional use. 

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I wanted to move our faculty from the 20th to 21st century. Sabba helped translate our vision and dreams for the future into something that was pragmatic and possible.
Sabba changed the DNA of our program.


As my reverse mentor Sabba is a trusted advisor with her research in strategic planning and how leaders can build social influence. Her diverse network has allowed me to expand my network to limit by blind spots when
I make decisions for a large urban school district. 

jerry almendarez, superintendent
santa ana unified school district

Sabba has an incredible ability to relate with district leaders of all sorts, from small rural districts to the largest of urban districts across California. She expertly draws on her personal history in the classroom, scholarly research and deep understanding of education to help promote educational best practices. 

matthew schuring
apple Inc.

“When I first met Sabba, I was immediately drawn to her passion for transforming education. Nearly ten years later, I am inspired by how she continues to re-imagine the learning experience.”

leighangela brady, edd
superintendent | national school district


Sabba believes cultures of innovation begin with a culture of empathy. Her journey took her from being a high school teacher to education executive at Apple. Dr. Quidwai now works with organizations to design schools that give young people the mindset and skills to thrive in workplaces and as global citizens.

Sabba hosts the podcast, "Designing Schools," and is releasing a documentary based on her research about design thinking in Summer 2022.


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