Professional Learning Workshop

How Teachers and Counselors can Prepare High School Students for College and Career Readiness 

there are better ways.

Most of the jobs that today's young people will have in 2030 don't exist yet. 

With testing requirements being removed students have a unique opportunity to showcase their skills and strengths to universities and employers.

When we support early career exploration, we save them time, money, and anxiety as they design their future. Every learner should graduate ready to adapt and compete in a global economy. 

This workshop series shares the four competencies that high school teachers and counselors can implement to help students develop the mindset and skills to feel curious and confident about what’s next after high school. 

Let's Empower all Learners to


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Lead and learn.

This Training Will:

+ provide activities teachers and counselors can implement immediately into what they are already doing to strengthen relationships

+ share activities teachers and counselors can implement to help students identify their skills, strengths, and goals.

+ how to use technology to showcase student work to build networks and social capital online and offline.

+ introduce design thinking methods to help students develop a growth mindset toward change

Get  ahead  &  Stay  Ahead.

I wanted to move our program from the 20th to 21st century. Sabba helped translate our vision and dreams for the future into something that was pragmatic and possible.
Sabba single-handedly changed the DNA of our program.”


“When I first met Sabba, I was immediately drawn to her passion for transforming education. Nearly ten years later, I am inspired by how she continues to re-imagine the learning experience.” 


"We were never just sitting and listening. I loved watching how you organized it. It was a great environment for us to collaborate in to share ideas and plan next steps as a district."

lora cartwright
asst. SUPERINTENDENT corcoran usd

We Have a Problem!


Today's young people face increasing stress and anxiety about deciding what's next. 


The societal pressure to go from high school to college has left many with debt, and degrees that haven't prepared them for a changing workforce.


Today's young people won't all work in offices. Many are disillusioned and anxious about navigating their career in hybrid, and remote environments.


Students need the skills and strategies to identify and build relationships with mentors who can guide their career pathway.

The pandemic showed them how quickly things can change. They want to learn the skills and mindset to adapt and lead in a rapidly changing world.


You don't have to solve this problem alone.

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Join a safe space to learn new tools and apply them to the work you do daily. 

"I wanted to launch a business and go to college. This course gave me the strategies to take an idea and make it real. Learning about my strengths made me see how I can apply them, and the templates and exercises in the course let me complete it all in under 4 weeks."

high school senior | isabelle denton
 Poudre schools

Join the Community

All of my best and life changing relationships began online. Whether it's a simple tweet, a DM or an email. It always begins and ends with the relationships we create. 

I can't wait to get to know you and discuss how might we design schools. 

As Simon Sinek Says:
"Alone is hard. Together is better."