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Building a Culture of Trust and Collaboration in Schools

Over the past few years we've invested heavily in technology. So that we can use it to reimagine teaching and learning, we need to invest in helping everyone develop the mindset and skills to navigate change. 

We're not overwhelmed by the hours in the day, but by the inefficiencies, within those hours.

In this workshop we share how to use design thinking frameworks to build a culture of trust and collaboration so that you can move from ideas to impact. 

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there are better ways.

You've invested heavily in technology. Now it's time
to invest in people.

If we want collaborative practice and creativity to be part of the student culture, it must first be modeled by teachers and leaders. 

Design thinking frameworks are used to structure better conversations that transform the culture of teaching and learning and accelerate innovation. 

Lead and learn.

This Training Will:

Eliminate stress and burnout through integration of enhanced collaboration workflows using design thinking

Share how leaders can build trust, encourage creativity, and recognize accomplishments

Provide real-world application that relates to your work so you know exactly, where, when, and how to use each framwork

Bring clarity and alignment to decision making so you can move from idea to impact

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Evaluation of synchronous and asynchronous use of time

Leading Teams That Work Better Together

"Leadership is not accidental, you have to make the time and space with your team to be strategic in this complex and global world the we live in today."

Dr. Wanda Austin
Author | Making Space: Strategic Leadership for a Complex World