Navigating the GPS of Your Career with a Personal Brand

How will you navigate the GPS of your career? Whether you are about to enter the world of work or if you are already in it, you know it’s a road filled with digital disruptions acting as blind spots along the way. As Jim Marous shares in this episode, change is happening faster than ever before yet it will never happen this slowly again. It can be challenging in times like this to stay relevant and informed about what change means for your industry and for you as an individual. In this episode Jim shares why a personal brand is critical to your self education and why you should use it to show and tell the marketplace that you are the master of your domain. 

In this episode Jim Marous, an internationally recognized financial industry strategist named one of the most influential people in banking and top 5 finch influencers to follow, reframes the purpose of why you should have a personal brand calling it the most important self education tool that is going to be critical to helping you thrive and stay relevant in the age of disruption. He’s the co-publisher of The Financial Brand, owner of the Digital Banking Report and host of the Banking Transformed podcast. As a sought after keynote speaker, author and recognized authority on disruption in the financial services industry, Marous has been a contributor to Forbes, CNN, CNBC, The Wall Street Journal and many other news outlets. He’s with us here today to share his journey of disruption and why he believes building your personal brand is the key to life long learning and staying relevant in a rapidly changing world.  

In this episode Jim shares:

  • How you can take control of the GPS of your career
  • Why building a personal brand is the best form of self education 
  • How you can show and tell the marketplace that you are the master of your domain
  • Why building a personal brand is not always about building a business
  • Advice on how to navigate your brand for those who want to get started and for those who are already established
  • Why there is room for everyone to take a share of the opportunity pie

I hope you all enjoy my conversation with Jim Marous, and as always we’d love if you tag us online and share your thoughts and takeaways. 

You can connect visit Jim’s website here, or connect with Jim on Twitter @JimMarous, and on LinkedIn. You can also listen to his podcast Banking Transformed

You can connect with me, Sabba on Instagram and Twitter @AskMsQ or visit my website askmsq.com.

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