How We Shape Our World Through Stories: The Role of Information Visualization

What is happening? 

Where is it happening?

Why is it happening? 

These are the three questions Dr. Tomi Kauppinen believes everyone should be asking when making sense of the world around them. Today I’m talking with Tomi about how we can all become better storytellers through what he calls information visualization.

Tomi’s expertise is in information visualization and cognitive systems and he is a docent Aalto University in Finland and holds a Phd in media technology. Tomi teachers at the intersection of design, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship at Aalto. He is the coordinator for Aalto Online Learning, a strategic development project at Aalto university. He’s the cohost of a podcast called Cloud Reachers and he’s regularly invited to deliver keynotes across the world.

In this episode Tomi shares:

  • How and why Aalto University in Finland merged three universities into a one to create a multidisciplinary environment for students
  • How we can move from competitive to collaborative cultures
  • Understanding information visualization and making sense of data
  • How to be a critical consumer of information in the age of artificial intelligence
  • How to gain the confidence to take a risk to start a new project
  • How to tell better stories with Tomi’s three question strategy
  • How to use stories to reframe your challenges into opportunities

There’s a quote by Michael Margolis where he says, “The stories we tell literally make the world. If you want to change the world, you need to change your story. This truth applies both to individuals and institutions.” In a world where we are overwhelmed and often controlled by the data and information around us, Tomi shares the strategies and skills to be critical consumers and storytellers. I hope you all enjoy my conversation with Dr. Tomi Kauppinen, and as always we’d love if you tag us online and share your thoughts and takeaways. 

You can connect with Tomi on Twitter @LinkedScience, on LinkedIn. To listen and listen in to his podcast Cloud Reachers. To learn more about Tomi visit his website.

You can connect with me, Sabba on Instagram and Twitter @AskMsQ. 

I’m Sabba.

I believe that the future should be designed. Not left to chance.

Over the past decade, using design thinking practices I've helped schools and businesses create a culture of innovation where everyone is empowered to move from idea to impact, to address complex challenges and discover opportunities. 

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