Professional Learning Experiences

Building a Culture of Trust and Collaboration in Schools

When we ask people to describe their past year in schools in one word the unanimous answer is: OVERWHELMED! 

In this workshop we share how to use design thinking frameworks to build a culture of trust and collaboration so that you can move from ideas to impact. 

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With testing requirements being removed students have a unique opportunity to showcase their skills and strengths to universities and employers.

When we support early career exploration, we save them time, money, and anxiety as they design their future. Every learner should graduate ready to adapt and compete in a global economy. 

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How Teachers and Counselors can Prepare High School Students for College and Career Readiness 

The World Economic Forum ranks "Leadership and Social Influence," as one of the top trending skills.

Social media isn't about being on every platform. It's about understanding how you like to create, how to encourage creativity, recognize accomplishments, and building trust to inspire a collective vision that inspires others. 

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Building Leadership and Social Influence in 2023 with LinkedIn