Today’s world requires more than grades and test scores to be competitive

In a rapidly changing world, traditional education may not be enough to prepare your students for the future. 

Students need to be equipped with the tools necessary to foster individual excellence.

This program is tailored to empower high school students with the essential skills, strategies, and self-assurance necessary to shine in the competitive world of AI. It’s not just about nurturing grades, but the full spectrum of talent and capabilities your students possess. 

 This is why we’re focused on crafting project-based portfolios that showcase their talents and aspirations. These portfolios will not only resonate with colleges, but set them up for success in their job search as well. 

Our students are faced with several challenges:

This program will set them up to navigate these challenges with confidence. 

  • Increasing anxiety and stress about deciding what’s next when the workforce is changing faster than ever 
  • Schools struggling to keep up with a rapidly changing world, leaving students unprepared with the skills to navigate technology like AI
  • Most young people won’t work in offices, and feel nervous about succeeding in hybrid, remote, and diverse work environments
  • Students need soft skills and strategies to identify and cultivate relationships with mentors who are paramount to shaping a successful career pathway
  • College essays are no longer enough, they want to see portfolios with skills and experiences 

I've had the great opportunity of working with Dr. Sabba to build my LinkedIn account as a sophomore in high school. She was able to help me envision who I am, what I’m about, and to appropriately showcase my work on LinkedIn. Sabba is an expert in providing an organized structure (she calls it Design Thinking) that guides you toward transforming your resume into an online portfolio that allows you to present yourself to future employers, coworkers, and collaborators. She helped me to hone my voice and now thanks to her, I have the ability to demonstrate my skills more confidently and and promote my business and volunteer efforts more effectively.


The program empowers high school students to excel in an AI-driven world by focusing on essential human skills. Through workshops on self-awareness, goal setting, portfolio creation, and public speaking, students learn to confidently navigate a rapidly changing landscape, stand out in interviews and presentations, and strategically shape their future careers and education.



College & Career Prep
in the AI Age Program

As educators and leaders, you can understand the complexities behind the question, “What do you want to be in the future?” This question becomes even trickier in a world where technology is rapidly advancing. Especially when most of the jobs that today's young people will have in 2030 don't exist yet.

This workshop delves into how AI is changing the job market and insights for your students to prepare effectively. The workshop will guide them through the process of recognizing their unique skills and strengths, and encouraging them to convey their individuality with confidence.  By understanding their unique human qualities, they’ll gain valuable strategies to navigate their future with resilience and assurance.

Self Awareness: The Key to Personal Growth in the AI Era

workshop one
In the AI era, students experience both exciting opportunities and unprecedented challenges. This workshop is designed to empower students with the insights and strategies to help them align their goals with their skills and strengths.

By offering concrete guidance and actionable techniques, we enable students to craft well-defined, attainable, and purposeful goals. 

They’ll also gain practical tools for effective planning and ongoing progress monitoring. This will help students build up resilience and learn to adapt like a pro when challenges arise while still keeping their end goal in focus. 

Goal Setting: Designing a Future-Proof Roadmap for Success

A standout portfolio plays a crucial role for your students in securing interviews for college applications and beyond. 

This module teaches the art of creating a compelling professional portfolio through Canva. Students will learn how to showcase their skills, experiences, and work in an engaging and visually appealing manner. 

As AI evolves, portfolios become the embodiment of your student's unique skill sets and what will capture attention compared to generic AI-generated applications. 

Show, Don’t Tell: Creating your Standout Portfolio

Exceptional communication skills hold remarkable value in an AI world. This workshop is designed to equip students with tried-and-true strategies for delivering compelling speeches and presentations that resonate deeply, exude confidence, and leave a lasting impact. 

Through acquiring these skills, your students will be optimally prepared for interviews, presentations, and professional interactions—placing them at the forefront of opportunities in both college and career settings. 

Public Speaking to Captivate Audiences and Unlock Opportunities


The Workshops

This course gives students the human skills to be successful in a world powered by AI.

Students will learn how to:

  • Confidently and persuasively public speak in a way that captivates their audience and positions them ahead of the competition for interviews, presentations, and beyond
  • Design and curate an impressive portfolio that showcases their skills and experiences 
  • Strategically set clear, achievable goals that complement their unique talents and strengths 
  • Navigate an ever-changing future with self-assurance and resilience by uncovering their human qualities 

This experience not only taught me how to network effectively and build a professional online presence, but it opened my eyes to the value of the title ‘Student.’ As a high schooler living in a rapidly advancing technological world, I believe it is essential for my education to stay ahead of the curve. I now realize that everyday activities like attending a club meeting or volunteering at a community event are chances to connect with new people and build my network. The skills I have learned in this course will undoubtedly be a valuable asset to me in my future endeavors, and I feel grateful to have had the opportunity to take it.


Creating a portfolio early on was invaluable in developing professional experiences. The first thing most people do is look you up on LinkedIn to see who you are and what you care about so a solid online presence is crucial to success in any field. I am very grateful for getting a head start and believe anyone can position themselves for the role they want.


Help your students navigate the challenges of tomorrow with resilience, confidence, and self-awareness.


Every child should have the opportunity to design their future.


I'm Dr. Sabba Quidwai

When I graduated school in 2007, I thought I was prepared for success. I was wrong.

The recession hit hard and like many others, I faced job loss and uncertainty. It was scary and confusing because despite doing what I was “supposed to” by achieving Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, I still found myself struggling.

Then in 2012, I read “Linchpin” by Seth Godin, and it changed how I approached my career. I began sharing my skills, my strengths, and passions through a portfolio, which allows me to create an aligned professional network.

My portfolio and speaking confidence turned my situation around. I transitioned from facing layoffs to being recruited by the University of Southern California and Apple, where I became an Education Leadership Executive. And ultimately, starting my own business.

When I graduated again in 2020 (during another world crisis), I was prepared for a changing work environment. I was leading with a new vision for what was possible and transforming my research into tangible outcomes that laid the foundation for this company.

Designing your future should not happen by accident.

Back in 2007, I lacked the knowledge to set goals that aligned with the evolving job landscape. I didn’t understand how to showcase my work online and create meaningful connections, but that all changed this time around.

 Today’s youth can’t afford to wait as the world evolves rapidly around this. This program sets them up for success by knowing how to be strategic about what’s next and creating a plan so they’re not left behind. 

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