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Reimagine Education with the AI Design Sprint 

The Design Sprint is a structured, time-constrained process that uses Design Thinking to reduce risk when bringing a new strategy or innovation to life. It fosters quick ideation, strategic decision-making, and rapid prototyping—and it’s particularly effective when exploring new integrations of AI in K12 education. 

Across the span of three days, this sprint empowers teams to confront and conquer intricate challenges like, “how might we best prepare students for an AI-driven future?” by breaking them into actionable steps and digestible tasks.

Every Sprint revolves around a pivotal question that you’re trying to answer, and you’ll work collaboratively with the group of your peers to solve it.

This approach is anchored in Google’s Design Sprint framework that’s been strategically redefined for strategy design. 

Align your team on a shared vision, gather insights, define challenges, and map your objectives.

How it works:

Generate a range of potential strategies and select the most promising through a structured process.

Day 2
Creative Ideation

Develop comprehensive action plans for chosen strategies, defining roles, resources, and solutions to potential challenges. 

Day 3
Action Planning

Day 1
Vision and Exploration

You’ll complete the 3-day sprint with newfound clarity on the challenges and possibilities of integrating AI into education. 

This process will have encouraged alignment among your team to make a meaningful impact in the education landscape. 

You’ll emerge from this experience with a strategic initiative and the confidence to navigate AI with the human touch that will allow your students to engage more deeply. 


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- Robyn | Arts Director | Santa Ana Unified 

"Sabba's guidance revolutionized our arts education, fostering creativity, critical thinking, and student engagement across our department." 

"Sabba's approach transformed our team dynamics, leading to impressive growth and increased revenue." 

- Nyma | Vice President Client Services | VIZIO


I'm Dr. Sabba Quidwai

When I graduated school in 2007, I thought I was prepared for success. I was wrong.

The recession hit hard and like many others, I faced job loss and uncertainty. It was scary and confusing because despite doing what I was “supposed to” by achieving Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, I still found myself struggling.

Then in 2012, I read “Linchpin” by Seth Godin, and it changed how I approached my career. I began sharing my skills, my strengths, and passions through a portfolio, which allows me to create an aligned professional network.

My portfolio and speaking confidence turned my situation around. I transitioned from facing layoffs to being recruited by the University of Southern California and Apple, where I became an Education Leadership Executive. And ultimately, starting my own business.

When I graduated again in 2020 (during another world crisis), I was prepared for a changing work environment. I was leading with a new vision for what was possible and transforming my research into tangible outcomes that laid the foundation for this company.

Designing your future should not happen by accident.

Back in 2007, I lacked the knowledge to set goals that aligned with the evolving job landscape. I didn’t understand how to showcase my work online and create meaningful connections, but that all changed this time around.

 Today’s youth can’t afford to wait as the world evolves rapidly around this. This program sets them up for success by knowing how to be strategic about what’s next and creating a plan so they’re not left behind.