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Master ChatGPT in 5 Steps – Boost Your Creativity with AI & Design Thinking Techniques

By now you’ve probably heard of ChatGPT and seen the many different ways people are using it. From creating meal plans to streamlining workflows to designing lesson plans, tasks that previously took weeks and months, can now be done within a fraction of the time. 

After having experimented with it, it’s become a part of my daily workflow. I honestly couldn’t imagine life without it. I’ve taken everything I’ve learned so far, and applied a method called design thinking, to create a framework that will help you unlock the full potential of ChatGPT. 

Master ChatGPT in 5 Steps – Boost Your Creativity with AI & Design Thinking Techniques

Introducing the SPARK Framework: A Design Thinking Approach to Using ChatGPT

I call this 5-step framework, “SPARK” because it is truly just one spark that can unleash the creativity of how you use ChatGPT to solve your challenges. And open the door to opportunities that can now finally leave your wish list. 

Master ChatGPT in 5 Steps

Join the 5-Day Master ChatGPT Challenge

The Master ChatGPT Challenge is a five-day journey that combines the power of AI with design thinking to help you supercharge your problem-solving skills and creativity.

How I Used the SPARK Method to Sign a Book Deal

The SPARK method, which I developed as a way to use ChatGPT and other technologies with purpose, is rooted in the idea that spontaneity is a uniquely human quality that stems from our innate curiosity and imagination. This creative spark enables us to dive deep into the realm of possibilities. And explore new ideas and pathways in a way that machines simply cannot replicate.

Recently while trying to create a table of contents to guide my book based on my research about design thinking I had a SPARK! I remembered a book I had bought, “Into the Woods,” by John Yorke. I loved his framework called the 3D Raodmap to Change and how he divided a story into 5 acts. So I told ChatGPT the Situation, and the Problem I was having in organizing the ideas to align with his framework. I then shared my Aspiration to want to write a book, and then the best part was I asked for Results. And told it my dream outcome which was to help everyone learn about design thinking to solve challenges and create opportunities.

Of course, ChatGPT knew who John Yorke was and it also knew his framework. So we were able to craft a table of contents that not only organizes the book’s content effectively but also reflects the essence of human ingenuity and innovation.

Wait… What Does Design Thinking Mean?

Ok, I’ve said design thinking twice now so let me pause and tell you why this matters in how you use ChatGPT.  You know how when any new technology comes out, people rush to tell you why it’s amazing and how you should use it? And sometimes you get it, but most times it’s cool but doesn’t help us. Well, design thinking helps you first think about the problems you have, the fears and barriers that hold you back. And it also helps you think about the ideas you have and the things you’ve wanted to try. It’s both a method and a mindset. Which means the more you use it, the more creative, and confident you become in solving problems and creating new opportunities. 

Leverage ChatGPT with Design Thinking

Design thinking begins with empathy, asking you about your challenges, and your dreams. And that’s why you’ll hear people call it a method that is human-centered. One of the best parts about design thinking is that it teaches you that your first try is never your last try. It’s through small experiments that we become at solving our problems and being the first to identify gaps that become opportunities. 

By incorporating design thinking into your ChatGPT usage, you can leverage AI as a true partner in your creative endeavors to make it work for you. Instead of opening ChatGPT and saying how can I use this, you first start by thinking about the problem you want to solve.

The tasks you want to get rid of, and the things that consume most of your time that you wish you could offload to someone else. Best of all, you can use design thinking in every scenario, personal and professional! Yes, it is not just limited to using ChatGPT. The world is changing quickly, it’s overwhelming, it’s exciting, and so many more emotions. I want YOU to be on the cutting edge. Learning, and leading others during an inflection point we haven’t seen since the launch of the iPhone. 

Using ChatGPT As Your Assistant

Think of it this way – Imagine you’re an architect, and ChatGPT is your skilled assistant. Using design thinking, you first seek to understand the needs and desires of the people who will live in the building you’re designing. You sketch out ideas, create models, and collaborate with your team. ChatGPT, as your assistant, would help refine your ideas, generate new concepts, and provide valuable feedback. Together, you’ll create a building that serves its purpose and delights its inhabitants.

Join the 5-Day Master ChatGPT Challenge

The ChatGPT PowerUp Challenge is designed to help you cultivate this powerful mindset and method. Guiding you through five days of activities and reflections that focus on the SPARK framework:

  1. Scenario: Identify the current situation you’re facing.
  2. Problem: Understand the challenge that needs to be addressed.
  3. Aspiration: Set your goals for solving the challenge.
  4. Results: Determine how you’ll measure your success.
  5. Kismet: Envision your dream outcome.

You’ll create a SPARK on day 1 which will trigger a series of incredible events. By embracing design thinking and the SPARK framework, you’ll learn how to Master ChatGPT to address challenges. Create opportunities, and bring your wildest ideas to life. 

How do People feel When They Learn Design Thinking? 

I recently did a keynote and in this video, I share some highlights and how people felt after learning about design thinking and ChatGPT. I call it developing your ultimate human advantage in a world powered by artificial intelligence.

When you join this challenge, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your creativity and develop the skills needed to harness the power of AI in the most human way possible. Your five days to Mastering ChatGPT begins now. I can’t wait to see your ideas, and how you use your new assistant. 

I’m Sabba.

I believe that the future should be designed. Not left to chance.

Over the past decade, using design thinking practices I've helped schools and businesses create a culture of innovation where everyone is empowered to move from idea to impact, to address complex challenges and discover opportunities. 

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