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For the busy leader responsible for spearheading AI integration in your organization, this ready-made, constantly updated AI toolkit, include an AI guidelines template will empower you to adopt a future-ready mindset for yourself and your organization.




A done-for-you AI integration toolkit designed to bring confidence and clarity so that you can effectively guide your team or organization in embracing AI technologies.

INCLUDES A comprehensive 2-hour consultation, designed to ensure you're fully equipped and confidently set up for success.

Customizable AI Slide Deck:

A comprehensive slide deck made in Canva. Includes the latest research, statistics, and examples, enabling you to introduce AI to your organization, team, or anyone with ease (even if you’re not an AI expert — yet) *this deck is always being updated with the latest research

Here’s what’s included in your AI Leadership Strategy Toolkit:

Workshop Strategies:

Now that you know where you are in your AI journey, use these workshop strategies that efficiently turn ideas or to-do's into action within 30-60 minutes. Learn how to spark and lead valuable trainings within your organization, contributing to the creation of a future-ready culture that embraces AI.

Survey: AI Assessment:

Utilize this ready-made survey to gather insights into the current usage of AI within your organization. Lead with empathy and embrace a people-centric approach by designing with your team, not just for them.

ai guidelines template:

A customizable template to ensure safe and ethical AI use across your organization. This includes a comprehensive yet concise overview of ten key AI guidance documents, including six domestic and four international, providing a unique blend of perspectives. It highlights the common suggestions found across these documents but also points out their strengths and areas where improvements are needed. One of its standout features is its practical approach to adapting to growing AI capabilities, presenting strategies for schools to update their policies without constant revisions. Moreover, it outlines a clear and customizable template for institutions to develop their own AI guidance, tailored to their specific needs. 

Your AI Compass (Card Deck):

A strategic card deck to help you navigate every turn and reveal blind spots on your AI journey. Packed with discussion questions, workshop ideas, and AI prompts — it empowers you to confidently address risks and capitalize on AI's potential, transforming AI aspirations into actionable strategies.


"As my reverse mentor Sabba is a trusted advisor with her research in strategic planning and how leaders can build social influence. Her diverse network has allowed me to expand my network to limit my blind spots as I make decisions for a large urban school district. "


“I wanted to move our faculty from the 20th to 21st century. Sabba helped translate our vision and dreams for the future into something that was pragmatic and possible. Sabba single-handedly changed the DNA of our program.” 


Dr. Sabba Quidwai is the epitome of a learner-centered leader who develops shared purpose through inclusive collaboration. She asks inspiring questions and she is relentless in her curiosity to find better ways to effectively address meaningful challenges.


“When I first met Sabba, I was immediately drawn to her passion for transforming education. Nearly ten years later, I am inspired by how she continues to re-imagine the learning experience.” 


The AI Leadership Strategy Toolkit is for you if:

You’re tasked with integrating AI into your organization, but feel overwhelmed by the complexity and don’t know where to start, especially if AI is not your usual domain of expertise

You want to navigate the rapidly evolving AI landscape with ease and connect AI initiatives directly to your organization's vision and mission

You're looking to take a thoughtful, human-centered approach to AI integration and want a ready-made solution that you can easily personalize to your organization

You want to create AI guidelines with confidence and clarity to ensure safe and ethical use across your organization

The AI Leadership Strategy Toolkit is for you if:

If you're seeking a ready-made solution that saves time and eliminates the need to create from scratch, this toolkit is your go-to resource.


What Do Our Leaders Say

these stories could be yours

Our strengthened collaboration led to impressive growth and a significant increase in revenue. 

As a leader at VIZIO, I had been fortunate enough to build a successful team and witness the company's rapid growth. However, with success came challenges. I was used to putting in long hours and working on weekends, but this started to take a toll on my team members, leading to burnout and high turnover.

Desperate to find a solution that would improve our work environment and help me grow as a leader, I was introduced to design thinking by Sabba. Her innovative approach, centered around design thinking, promised to provide me with the tools I needed to create a more collaborative and supportive workplace.

The transformation was nothing short of astounding. Sabba provided us with detailed exercises designed to build trust, foster teamwork, and promote a strong company culture. Implementing these exercises within my team led to an environment where people felt safe, supported, and energized to work together.

The impact of Sabba’s approach on our team dynamics was not only visible but also quantifiable. Our strengthened collaboration led to impressive growth and a significant increase in revenue. I am truly grateful for the expertise and guidance that Sabba provided, and I cannot recommend her services highly enough.

If you are seeking to create a technology-driven, collaborative work environment that drives success, look no further than Sabba. Her game-changing approach has made a lasting impact on our team at VIZIO, and I am confident that she can do the same for your business.

Nyma Quidwai
Vice President Client Services, Vizio

This isn't just a course; it's a toolkit for innovation, packed with resources, practical support, and powerful frameworks. 

Thanks to this course, a long-standing idea of mine has started to take root, and I'm ready to share my newfound AI knowledge with my communities. Diving into the AI Bootcamp was like unlocking a treasure chest of potential. With their strategies and guidance, I found myself immersed in a dynamic learning experience, far from the usual boxed-in approach. The core of this bootcamp is empathy and Design Thinking – skills vital for any learning community.

What sets this course apart is the depth of collaboration. There's a real sense of partnership, both with industry experts and the vibrant learning community that accompanies the journey. Sabba has been an exceptional guide, turning AI from an abstract concept into a tangible tool to navigate change.

Most importantly, this bootcamp has turned ChatGPT from daunting tech jargon into easy-to-grasp language that I can now confidently use. The SPARK method has been a game-changer, injecting confidence in my approach to AI. This isn't just a course; it's a toolkit for innovation, packed with resources, practical support, and powerful frameworks. And the best part? It's tailored to your pace, letting you bring your ideas to life on your terms.

If you're seeking to ignite your ideas and streamline your work with AI, I can't recommend this bootcamp enough. It's an investment in yourself that will save you time and exceed your expectations, just like it did for me.

Janelle Field
Education Consultant Southwest Central Service Cooperative

This course is much more than AI. It's how to change your approach to the future of work.

In the sea of learning options on Al, I highly recommend this offering from Dr. Sabba Quidwai. I just finished this course, and wow what a journey!

In it she covers:
– The human impacts of various evolutions in technology
– What energizes you and how do you spend your time?
– The Turing Trap and ethical considerations of technology
– Design thinking and problem framing
– Cultures of empathy and innovation
– Strengths, values, and radical alignment

Notice what words I didn't use?
Prompting, algorithms, machine learning, neural networks, and other Al-related terminology. Does this course cover those things? Of course!
But this is much, much more than “just” a primer on what Al is and what it can be used for. This is about mindsets and approaches to our work as educators. Al on its own is just a tool.

What we need to do is rethink our approach and posture to teaching and learning. Then, and only then, can we introduce Al as an effective tool to develop deep learning for ourselves and young people.

Dagan Bernstein
K-8 Capstone Director Hawaii Prep Academy






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Completing the necessary research and creating the materials provided in this toolkit from scratch can be extremely time-consuming and potentially less effective (especially if you’re not an AI expert).

The AI Leadership Strategy Toolkit not only saves you valuable hours but also ensures you make a substantial impact.

You'll immediately receive access to all templates and a booking calendar via email. To utilize and edit the templates, you'll require a free Canva account.

The content undergoes regular updates to align with the latest AI advancements. You'll receive email notifications about upgrades so that you can seamlessly introduce them to your organization.

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