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Meet Sabba

Sabba wants to live in a world driven by empathy. Her mission is to work with education organizations to use design thinking to create cultures of innovation that begin with cultures of empathy, to design places of learning that create passionate and curious life long learners ready to tackle the challenges and embrace the opportunities today’s world has to offer.

As a doctoral student in the Global Executive EdD program at the University of Southern California, her research focus is how design thinking can be used to redesign education organizations to prepare K12 students for The Second Machine Age, The Fourth Industrial Revolution or anything else we call it aka the future – which is NOW. Her work is driven by a quote from William Gibson, “The future is here. It just isn’t evenly distributed.”

Sabba asks, “How might we design more equitable learning environments so that everyone has the skillset and mindset to thrive in a changing world?”

As a keynote speaker, Sabba often talks about how organizations can build a culture of innovation through a culture of empathy. When thinking about the next generation she discusses whether we are creating students who will apply for jobs or students who will create their own. By “create their own” it does not necessarily mean that everyone must become an entrepreneur, rather that everyone have the mindset and skill set to thrive in rapidly changing times.

I’ve always been passionate about reimagining organizations to design new practices, experiences and environments to meet the demands of today’s world.  While teaching at Fairmont Private Schools she led the 1:1 technology-enhanced curriculum initiative.

In the video below you can hear her journey in a 3 minute story that told at the Apple Distinguished Educators Institute.

When not talking about design thinking, you can find Sabba flying my Mavic Pro drone, exploring coffee shops, interviewing people and traveling across the globe, all of which she captures in her daily stories on Instagram and Twitter @AskMsQ.

Thank you for visiting and reading about my journey! I look forward to sharing lots more and learning with you.

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