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Design Thinking


Create Solutions with Design Thinking 

In today’s rapidly changing world, there will be no shortage of challenges to address.  From our workplaces to the world, addressing these challenges requires us to master the art of complex problem solving.  Design thinking begins with empathy and when we begin with empathy, what we think is often challenged by what we learn, allowing us to gain valuable insights that lead to innovative solutions.

In this hands on and interactive workshop participants will engage in several design challenges, experiencing the design thinking process firsthand.  Participants will receive a set of tools and strategies that they can use to define and reframe challenges in their organization.   Furthermore, you’ll learn how design thinking helps you develop the mindset of a creative problem solver.  From empathy to creative confidence to making and iteration, you’ll learn how to enhance and develop these core skills.

Innovation is a team sport and while you can attend this workshop as an individual, we recommend attending as a team, with a minimum of 2 individuals. If you would like to host a design thinking workshop at your organization, contact us below for more information.

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