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Jen Alyn on How to Create Content that Connects

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Designing Schools

How do you navigate change?
It's a question we think about often and one that today's world expects us to be comfortable with. Join me each week as I chat with educational leaders and researchers about how they navigate change with design thinking. 

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Work with Sabba

From keynotes to customized experiences there are a variety of ways we can work together. While many places focus on devices and apps, we focus on a creating a culture of innovation using an approach that is human-centered and technology-driven.

We use the design thinking framework and design sprints to help organizations address complex challenges and explore how to design the future of learning, today.


No student should experience life after graduation feeling confused and unprepared.  Like so many, I walked into the world of work thinking I don't remember reading about this in my textbooks.
It took years for me to find my place and learn how to navigate a rapidly changing world.

I began my journey as a high school science teacher then shifted into a private school Educational Technology Director. I then became Director of Innovative Learning at the University of Southern California, after which I was hired at Apple Inc. as an Education Leadership Executive. At Apple, I worked with schools to integrate technology to advance strategic initiatives. 

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All of my best and life changing relationships began online. Whether it's a simple tweet, a DM or an email. It always begins and ends with the relationships we create. 

I can't wait to get to know you and discuss how might we design schools. 

As Simon Sinek Says:
"Alone is hard. Together is better."

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Instagram is my creative outlet. It's where you can see stories that take you behind the scenes and where I love having audio chats in my DM.

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