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Cultures of innovation begin with a culture of empathy but how do you design them, how do you sustain them and how do you help people develop the skills and mindsets to thrive within them? These are the questions people Ask MsQ and each week she’s bringing you the answers as she talks with researchers and practitioners about how you can sprint to success using design thinking to create the future. 

In August of 2019 I started my doctoral journey with the University of Southern California as part of the Global Executive EdD program. As I started my literature review I was fascinated by just how many ideas and answers there are about so many of the challenges and opportunities we talk about daily when thinking about how to prepare and thrive in a rapidly changing world. My research focus is, “Using Design Thinking to Prepare People and Organizations to Thrive in The Second Machine Age.” It’s a promising practice study where I examine the best practices at Design39 in San Diego.

Along the way I have come across so many fascinating researchers and practitioners who are implementing these practices each and every day across a variety of industries. The more I encounter and converse with people leveraging design thinking to enhance and develop their mindset and skillset, the more I wished others could hear and see what I was. While I capture many of these conversations and site visits on my Instagram stories, I’ve realized that so many are not on that platform. So I’ve decided to capture these in a more formal way by launching a podcast. Here I’ll bring you the stories from researchers and practitioners I’m writing about who are exploring and using design thinking practices in their industry. 

I also hope this project serves as an example as to what is possible for students in today’s world. A dissertation is an arduous process and the idea that it would only be shared as a paper was one that was difficult for me to wrap my head around. I can’t remember the last time I had ever read a dissertation however, I frequently read articles, blogs, watch videos and listen to podcasts. Just because traditional instruction and practices do not change does not mean that we cannot find our own ways of using the tools and platforms we have today to share our work with audiences in a variety of different ways that meet them where they are. 

As I begin if you know of anyone doing interesting work with design thinking that you think I should be speaking to share their information with me via email – sabba.quidwai@gmail.com

This podcast is designed to be a catalyst to conversations with you all and so I want to hear from you – what are you curious about when it comes to design thinking and who do you want to hear from?

Thank you as always for all your support and feedback, each and every comment, DM, text and call means the world and gives me the ongoing motivation to keep creating.

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